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Coolest features poe currency on an court this sunburst has historyIt's been around since the s before the Phoenix birdstyled logo took over during the Nash era Now it's back and looking fantasticsvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh crelatedlistheadline paltheadThe ageless Pau Gasol paints his latest masterpieceSeeing

aging stars inevitably ing down from their peak is one of the most tragic parts of following sports Occasionally though a player es along that holds off that process for longer than anyone expectsThat's what happening for Pau Gasol the yearold Spanish star who just scoredpoints in anovertime win against France in the

EuroBasketsemifinals He scored exactly half of Spain's points to guarantee his country a spot in theOlympicsThree years ago we thought we had seen Gasol at his peak for the last time The Los Angeles Lakers seemingly retooled for another run with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash couldn't get out of their own way in a season that

turned into a train wreck in slow poe currency buy motion Gasol's shooting fell to a career low as he played justgames while struggling with knee tendinitis plantar fasciitis and a concussion suffered in January That's just what happens to older players though Their abilities erode and their bodies betray themAmazingly that's turned into a blip Gasol

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Capable of when shorthanded poe currency against the other contenders in the East Seriously that team that made it to the Finals was absurd They had seven sometimes six rotation players and not all of them were healthy This is what having LeBron James does for your franchise The margin for error is so much greater than everyone elseSTART

SIDEBAR SNIPPETCavaliers basicsGreg BartramUSA TODAY Sportsrecord+ net rating Best addition Mo Williams who will see an increased role with Kyrie Irving still recovering from knee surgery Biggest loss Shawn Marion whose veteran presence on the wing could be missed after his retirement especially with Iman Shumpert

injured Projected starters Kyrie IrvingJR SmithLeBron JamesKevin LoveTimofey MozgovIn one sentence The Cavaliers are the clear favorite in the Eastern Conference although health concerns and the unresolved Tristan Thompson situation still leave some question marks Those concerns that you mentioned have me backing off my

earlier offseason optimism but not by much poe currency buy When healthy this is a juggernaut that was only beginning to scratch the surface of their abilities Their record after the Mozgov trade was indicative of what this team could be when everyone is present and accounted for Still we haven't yet seen them use Love to his full potential and the

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Down one of James' new poe currency teammates after a dunk that looked entirely too easysvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgsection plelinkliststreamh pbreakerheadIn this Storystreamh plelinkliststreamtitle schedule and results LeBron James Cavs best Dwyane Wade Heatul scores MagicThunder have already

given us a Game of the Year candidateli Dwyane Wade dunks on Tristan Thompson stares him downli Mario Hezonja pletely forgot to guard Kevin Durant while fixing his shoeView allstoriessectionh crelatedlistheadline paltheadRockets Terrence Jones fail to agree to contract extensionThe Houston Rockets and Terrence Jones will not

agree to an early contract extension before the Octdeadline reportsYahoo Sports' Sham CharaniaJones will now bee a restricted free agent and have the chance to take offer sheets from other teams next summerWhen healthy Jones who was taken by the Rockets with the th pick in the Draft is an integral part of Houston's rotation He can

take over a gameJones had a point rebound poe currency buy game in January but he has struggled with injuries missinggames last season He was healthy for the playoffs however and averagedpoints andrebounds inminutes per game as the Rockets advanced to the Western Conference FinalsJones often split time with Donatas Motiejunas who missed

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In the early going poe currency TheBulls averagedpossessions per game which was st in the leagueper They're up tothis year thfastest in the league and actually just shy of the Golden State Warriors' leagueleading mark last yearSTART NEWSLETTER SNIPPET FLOATEDSIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERGet news links and Ziller's hottakes

in your inbox every weekday morning But the uptick in pace hasn't resulted in a better offense The Bulls were efficient last season despite playing slow averaging nearlypoints perpossessions last year They've been the opposite this year scoring justpoints perpossessions despite an improvement in threepoint shootingThe Bulls'

offense has occasionally looked like the freeflowing uptempo beauty that was expected Usually though it's been the stagnant mess that people became accustomed to seeing in the Thibs era An adjustment period is understandable as the players get fortable in their new roles but most didn't expect this large a drop in offensive efficiency

even at the startSimply making more poe currency buy shots will help improve the offensive rating The Bulls are only hittingpercent of their field goal attempts on the season which is in the bottom third of the leagueBut so will unlocking Nikola Mirotic's potential Mirotic should be an ideal playmaking power forward that can stretch the floor and make

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With messages for poe currency and about Bryant includedJR Smith Paul George and former teammatePau Gasolblockquote twittertweet langenWe have lived incredible moments together on and off the court Thanks for everything brother kobebryant ThankYouKobe Pau Gasol paugasol November Even Dwight Howardwho famously didn't get along

with Bryant during his one season with the Lakers had nice words to shareKobe is one of the greatest to ever play the game Howard said via the Post He had an amazing careerit all es to an end for all of us He was somebody we all grew up watching He paved the way for so many players ing out of high school and his work ethic

everything that he stands for on the court has been great For whatyears That's amazing to play this game for a long timeBut Howard's ments weren't all praise He did balk when asked what he learned from Bryant during that year in LADid I learn something from him Howard saidreportedly followed by a laugh and a pause Oh manwe're

going to go to the next question buy poe currency nowWatch partand partof Kobe Bryant discussing his retirement and more videos at Lakers Nationsvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgsection csimplelinkliststreamh pbreakerheadIn this Storystreamh csimplelinkliststreamtitleKobe Bryant announces hell retire

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Abundant Durant's play poe currency is a big accuracy the Thunder are streaking Not that Russell Westbrook hurtshe hadpointsrebounds and 5 assists adjoin the JazzGordon Hayward hadpoints to advance the Jazz who were about able to cull off the agitated afterwards Rudy Gobert andDante ExumThe Jazz outplayed the Thunder in the aboriginal

bisected leadingat the breach while captivation Durant to abandoned two credibility That success was abbreviate lived thoughDurant went off in the third The Thunder angry a point arrears into a sevenpoint advance in abandoned seven annual of play The Jazz didn't bend about They withstood a point analysis from Durant and

concluded the analysis on arun to advance by 5 branch into the fourthBut the Jazz couldn't bear Durant and the Thunder's streaky breach Utah led by six with three annual to play but Durant took over He fabricated a jumper afresh begin Steven Adams and Serge Ibaka for buckets to tie the gameDurant had three assists in the

quarterHawyard took the advance with a poe currency buy jump advance but Durant wasn't absolution this one get abroad from the Thunder He beatific it to overtime with a dunkviaAnthony SlaterThe Thunder came out battlefront in overtime scoring the aboriginal six credibility with some solid aegis and absent Jazz shots And Ibaka clinched it by

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Right Curry accomplished poe currency Tuesday night's adventurous withpoints inminutes Afterwards acting arch drillmaster Luke Walton whose aggregation is nowwas asked about his accommodation to reinsert Curry in the fourth quarterI wasn't traveling to put him aback out at aboriginal but he was appealing bent about traveling aback out

Waltonsaid I asked the trainers and they said he's acceptable so we put him aback outWalton fabricated it ablaze that he was told that there was no acumen Curry couldn't abide to playIf him and the trainers both say he's acceptable to go afresh we'll play him Walton said If the training agents says to ascendancy him afresh you yield it

out of his handsCurry this division is averaging a leaguehighpoints as able-bodied asassists andrebounds per adventurous He's shootingpercent from the acreage andpercent from abaft the threepoint lineSB Nation presents A advantageous Stephen Curry is like a video gameBEGIN VOLUME VIDEOEND VOLUME VIDEOsvg

amplitude acme viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg poe currency buy ample fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh crelatedlistheadline paltheadCJ McCollum absent a adventurous because the Blazers fabricated a paperwork errorPortland Aisle Blazers bouncer CJ McCollum was afflicted to sit out the team's adventurous adjoin the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday because

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Sprints to the hoop poe currency to find Andrew Bogut for an easy tipin Love had defensive issues in the Cavaliers' loss to the Spurs last week and clearly still has a long ways to goNow the Cavaliers have lost their fifth straight to the Warriors this one in embarrassing fashion If a loss like this doesn't kick them into gear the Cavaliers have some

serious soulsearching to doThe Warriors on the other hand currently have the number of the East's best team The problem for Golden State at this point is in the West Namely the San Antonio SpursThere's good news though The two best teams in the league get to test one another on JanIt can't e soon enough other things we

learnedClippers meltdowns happen intoo but now they turn things around for winsUnlike the Cavaliers the Clippers came out with revenge on their minds against the Houston Rockets After blowing aseries lead in the Western Conference Semifinals last year the Clippers made sure to give the Rockets their best shot on Tuesday For

three quarters that isIt was the poe currency buy same old Clippers as they blew a doubledigit late in the fourth quarter lead while the Rockets went on arun over the finalto send it to overtime It was a massive meltdown something the Clippers know plenty about This time at least they reupped and pulled themselves together to pick up an overtime win

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Tanking has never poe currency bothered me as much as some but when there's an obvious disincentive to win games in such a long season that needs to be addressedThe other is the schedule I credit Silver with taking this seriously but we've got to find a way to reduce the number of backtobacks It's not healthy for the players or the product on the

court I'm with you on the regionalism idea and I'd like too see a more balanced playoff tournament that isn't bound by geography so we get the best teams peting at the highest postseason levels The one big structural issue that I have with the Collective Bargaining Agreement is the rookie salary scale but I doubt that's going away

anytime soon Oh and can we get TV games on League PassThese kinds of conversations are the most positive reflection of Silver's tenure He seems to value input and collaboration on issues that affect the game and our collective enjoyment of it All in all I'd say that the transition has been smoother than anyone could have predicted We

take this for granted but Stern was poe currency buy such a towering figure in the league for so long and he's hardly been missed at allAlright cynic do you think we're going to have an extended work stoppage I'm team optimist if only because of the massive television windfall that may not e their way againZILLER I think we're in for a stoppage that

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Teammate by his poe currency peers even as he feuded with coaches and managementCaptain Jack was a unique personality who will be remembered for years to e by both his fans and his detractors Here are eight reasons we'll miss himThe legend is bornJackson was a secondround pick in the Draft but he didn't play in the untiland wasn't a starter

until theseason with the Spurs In his first year as a key cog for a contender Jack delivered when he was most needed igniting arun for the Spurs to make up a point deficit against Dirk Nowitzki's Mavericks in GametheWestern Conference FinalsIt was the first of many clutch Jackson performances that propelled the Spurs to the Finals

where he would get his only title That magical run stuck with him for the rest of his career I make love to pressureJackson and the Spurs didn't reach an agreement on a contract extension so Jackson left to join the Hawks The following season the Spurs lost to the Lakers in the second round in part because no one could make big shots

Jackson felt he was the missing piece buy poe currency and expressed it with one of the most memorable lines in league historyThat's what I live for he told ESPN's Rick Bucher I make love to pressure He admitted he enjoyed punching a fanJackson landed in Indiana the next year where he was supposed to be the missing piece on a team that had Reggie

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The day his poe currency daughter was born I urge you to read itHappy Wednesday See you next timesvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh classcrelatedlistheadline paltheadDamon Stoudamire says Portland treated the Jail Blazers unfairlyThe Portland Trail Blazers became known as the Jail Blazers during the earlys

thanks to a series of incidents involving multiple players which resulted in lagging attendance and a slow decline from a championship contender to an alsoran Damon Stoudamire one of the key players of the Jail Blazers era told Tom Westerholm of MassLive that he believes those teams were treated unfairly by Portland

fansStoudamire who was arrested multiple times for marijuana possession as a member of the Blazers said the players on those teams turned into largerthanlife figures locally which put them under an unfairlylarge microscope He tried to chalk up the problems to guys just making mistakes He also tried to diminish his charges by making

the point that weed is now legalized poe currency buy in OregonThe Trail Blazers are all the city of Portland has and I'm from there so I know that's all we got Stoudamire said We need them to be good to be economically feasible in that place And I'm like man 'Why are you all on us like that when guys are human and guys make mistakes' Now years

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Timberwolves inHe poe currency was supposed to be a lockdown defender and deadeye shooter ing out of college but he hasn't shown the ability to do either of those things at a high level He's a career percent shooter who doesn't pull the trigger all that often and his teams have done better on defense with him off the court in all five seasons he's

been a proJohnson is long and has a pretty shooting form so he looks the part of a solid threeandD wing The problem is that he isn't one in realityIf the Clippers were as thin as they were last season finding Johnson a spot in the rotation would make sense They are not They have two better the arc inand that was his best season

Opponents won't respect him when he spots up Then again smart teams also didn't respect Barnes and the Clippers were still a potent offense with him as small forwardIf Doc wants to experiment early in the season going with Stephenson has a lot more upside than going with Johnson It would put the mercurial former Pacer in a

place in which he will only be asked poe currency buy to take open shots and focus on defense Pierce can start and have his minutes monitoredStill the best option remains starting Pierce Monitoring his minutes is a must but Wizards coachRandy Wittman managed to do just that last season Pierce started but he only playedminutes a game and was fresh

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Yes GERALD WALLACE IS poe currency AVAILABLE If you know anyone wants him Otherwise here's to retirementMIKE MILLER TOO The Blazers have reached a buyout with Miller Shams Charania says Denveris interested because Denver is f'n weird manTHE SUB IN MINNY Sam Mitchell talks about wanting to help the Wolves

without trying to replace Flip SaundersTRUTH HURTS Paul Pierce joked about how Kobe is old but hasn't adjusted his game Countdown to Mamba's tweets about five rings inAHEM Phil Jackson suggests Kobe may not finish his career with the Lakers KOBE TO NEW YORKCONFIRMEDAND YOUR FINAL KOBE LINK OF

THE MORNING This is Kobe intercepting a highfive not meant for him in K because KOBEWOW The minutes restriction on Jrue Holiday to start the season seems rather tightWELP Jared Sullinger needed an intervention to get in shape this offseason That's not exactly promising especially considering his bosses had already called

him out on his fitness level He knows poe currency buy he's a free agent inrightTHE MORRII JUST DON'T STOP Marcus Morris exiled to Detroit is now saying that Suns coach Jeff Hornacek ought to have started him over PJ Tucker at small forward This is humorous because Marcus' twin Markieff started at power forward despite being far more

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Wiggins finishing poe currency FLANNERY The Wolves are beyond wins and losses This is a team of pure aestheticssvg width height viewboxxmlnsworgsvgg fill fillruleevenoddpathgsvgh classcrelatedlistheadline paltheadSacramento Kingsroster The Kings add talented but volatile personalities

The Kings started off last season well but imploded after DeMarcus Cousins had to miss time with viral meningitis The ownership group and the front office decided the best course of action was to fire Michael Malone Without him the defensive improvements the team had showed early proved not sustainable and despite a fantastic

year by their franchise center the Kings were back in the lottery for the ninth consecutive year It was clearly time for a shakeupThings went far from smoothly during the summer George Karl who was hired midseasonreportedly wanted Cousins gone in the offseason Trade rumors began to swirl and twitter jabs were taken In the end

Cousins remained a King and poe currency buy reinforcements were brought in though new general manager Vlade Divac paid a hefty price for them Sacramento dumped Jason Thompson Nik Stauskas and Carl Landry on the ers and included a first round pick and two pick swaps in the transactionWith the money they freed they signed Rajon Rondo as

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Russell This poe currency could work after all Scott coached Jason Kidd Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving in their early years That's not luck that's being in the right place at the right time Scott deserves credit for assisting in those point guards' development and that should provide hope for Russell's futureSTART NEWSLETTER SNIPPET

FLOATEDSIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERGet news links and Ziller's hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning Except that if this season continues barreling down the path of abject embarrassment Scott cannot e back next year The Lakers do not retain losing coaches even legends Ask Rudy Tomjanovich or Mike D'Antoni

Patience doesn't exist in the Lakers vocabulary And most importantly Jim Buss is up against a deadline If the Lakers are contending byordepending on which Buss sibling you ask he'll be asked to turn the reins of the team over to sister JeanieJim Buss can't afford too much patience He can't afford time for Scott to mold Russell into a

topflight point guard which is buy poe currency time under Scott that will also be spent watching blowout losses to mediocre opponents time spent watching teams dropin the paint on the LakersScott may not survive this season let alone enough games to actually sculpt Russell Already Scott has put himself in the public crosshairs by going on two

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THREES Flannery Soul Worker Dzenai and I discussed the state of paceandspace amid concerns teams and players are taking way too many threes and missing LOTS of themGOOD LORD Mark Cuban says he has saved every text message he received from DeAndre Jordan and will share them someday Can't Cubes listen to some Adele and get the heck

over this alreadyWHY THE WOLVES ARE KINDA GOOD KarlAnthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins are growing up as basketball players very fastLET'S CHECK IN ON THE LAKERS AGAINGRIZZTALK Lee Jenkins on what the Grizzlies are missing Andrew Ford details the team's massive spacing issuesSWEET JUSTISE

Couper Moorhead writes that Justise Winlow's versatility and Erik Spoelstra's rotations are letting Miami blitz opponents with smaller stretchy lineupsHUH Gerald Green was suspended two games by the Heat for a mysterious incident which resulted in an ambulance ride for the guard last week This is weirdTHAT'SGOOD The

Kings players came out in buy Soul Worker Dzenai support of George Karl after a team meeting I certainly hope soTHIS IS STILL A THING Robin Lopez will beyears old and still doing gags with mascotsSPECTACULAR HUBRIS I really enjoyed Jack TienDana's exorcismautopsy of the Brooklyn Nets who went all the way in during theseason and came up

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